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What is Same Day ACH and what does it mean for you?


Starting Friday, September 15th, merchants can choose to process a check you write or electronic payment you initiate on the same day that you make it.


This will eliminate any delay you may have experienced in the past between the time you made a payment and when the amount was debited from your account.


For example, if you use your account information to pay your Utilities online, your payment, which used to take a day or two, may be processed that very same day. Again, this depends on the merchants' setup.


  • ACH Debit Transactions are sometimes called Direct Payment, Direct Debit, Electronic Check or eCheck.
  • Avoid accidental overdraft or NSF fees! Always have sufficient available funds in your account--that same day-- to cover any checks you write or electronic payments you initiate.


Regulation D


As a reminder, the Federal Regulation D requires Credit Unions, and banks, to limit the number of transactions you make from your Savings Account per month without your physical presence being required.


According to the Regulation, you may not make more than six (6) pre-authorized, automated or telephone transfers and/or withdrawals from these accounts each month. This limit is 6 per month per savings account and excludes checking accounts. This is to prevent savings accounts from being used as transactional accounts, or as a checking account.


Tips to Avoid Regulation D Limits on Savings Accounts

  • Have your Direct Deposit sent to your checking account. You may make unlimited transactions from your checking accounts.
  • Arrange all ACH withdrawals and pre authorized debits to come out of your checking account instead of your savings.
  • Plan ahead and make one large transfer from your savings instead of several small transfers.
  • Use ATMs or perform your transfers in person from your savings.


For more information, please contact a Member Services Representative at 512-452-5211, Option 5 or email

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