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The Texas DPS Credit Union checking accounts are simple and convenient. You won't find complex fine print and requirements like you might find with other institutions.


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Listed below you will find a list of features. In the left column are features that are automatically included and in the right column are features you may choose from, as fits your needs! Click on each feature below to learn a little more about each.


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Features Automatically Included
No Monthly Service Fee

Some financial institutions require a minimum balance to avoid the monthly service fee. Not at Texas DPS Credit Union! No matter what your balance drops to, Texas DPS Credit Union will not add a monthly service fee.

No Minimum Balance

Some financial institutions require a minimum balance to be held in the account to have free checking. At Texas DPS Credit Union, there are no minimum balances required to enjoy the benefits of the free checking account.

250+ Completely Fee Free ATMs

As part of the Austin Alliance of Credit Unions (a co-op of several local credit unions who offer fee free ATMs to each other's members) you have access to over 250 Fee Free ATMs in the Austin Metro Area with our debit card.


Find a Fee Free ATM near you >>

28,000+ Nationwide Surcharge-Free ATMs

Access your account with our debit card from more than 28,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the United States and Canada! These ATMs are surcharge-free, but do have a $1 administrative fee that is charged by the nationwide co-op.


Find a Surcharge-Free ATM >>

24-hr Teller Line

Stay up-to-date and manage your account from any phone at any time. Note: First 15 calls each month are free. It's $0.25 per call over those first 15 free calls.


Number & Instructions >>

Night Depository

For your convenience there is a night depository box located on the building of the credit union so you may drop off deposits, loan payments, mail, and similar items at anytime after we have closed. This is a secure box and all items will be handled the next business day.

First Box of Checks Free

When you open your checking account, we're happy to provide your first box of checks to you for free. Also consider utilizing other forms of payment such as Debit Cards, Credit Cards, and Online Bill Payment that are just as secure, provide a faster method of payment, and are more convenient than writing checks.

Overdraft Protection

Have you ever paid a bill or made a purchase, then later realized your checking account may not have enough to cover the payment? With overdraft protection Texas DPS Credit Union will automatically transfer funds from your savings to your checking to cover the amount.

Dividends earned on balances $5,000+

Checking accounts with balances of $5,000 and above will earn dividends. Dividends are based on Texas DPS Credit Union's earnings at the end of a dividend period. No Interest is earned if the minimum balance is not maintained. All rates and information are subject to change. APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

Nationwide Shared Branches

Whether in Austin, somewhere in Texas, or anywhere else in the United States, Texas DPS Credit Union is a part of a National Network of Service Centers that allows you to conduct a list of transactions at any of the participating credit unions convenient to you.


Learn More About Shared Branches >>

Features To Add
Debit Card

These cards provide a safe, fast, and convenient way to pay. When making a purchase, you will need to choose between debit or credit. We recommend selecting "Credit" as this method typically requires a signature and doesn't require remembering a PIN number. These cards also give you access to cash at ATMs.

Online Banking

Right at your finger tips you have a simple, convenient way to instantly access your account from any computer or mobile device. Within this product you can also set up Alerts to assist you with conveniently managing your account. Online Banking is completely free when you also add free eStatements and free eNotices. More >>

Online Bill Pay

Stop taking the time to write checks, address envelopes, and waste stamps to pay bills. Sign up for Online Bill Pay so you can pay those bills quicker, easier, securely, and you can set it up to pay many of your monthly bills automatically! Bill pay is free when you also have eStatements, eNotices, and direct deposit. More >>


Check your statements as soon as their ready. Email alerts will notify you when your statement is ready for review with a link to lead you to the log-in page. This is also a great way to help us cut back on paper waste. You can sign up for eStatements by going to the "Self-Service" tab in your online banking.


Immediately receive notices related to CD Maturity, Overdrafts, Safety Deposit Box Renewal, and more. You'll receive such notices sooner and will help us cut back on paper waste. You can sign up for eNotices by going to the "Self-Service" tab in your online banking.


Stay on top of your account activity with e-Alerts. You can customize the alerts to notify you of activity on your account, such as: when your account’s funds reach a specified amount, when a direct deposit has been posted to your account, when ATM or debit withdrawals exceed an amount as set by you, when payments through Bill Pay (Pay It) exceed a determined amount, and many other similar alerts you can customize. You can set up eAlerts under the "Self-Service" tab in online banking.

Direct Deposit

Have your paychecks immediately deposited into your account without needing to stop by the Credit Union! Your employer should have a Direct Deposit Form that they prefer to use for gathering the information that they will need to direct all or portions of your paycheck automatically to the account you specify. More >>

Automatic Loan Payment

With automatic loan payments, you no longer have to worry about forgetting to make a payment on your credit union loan on-time. Have Texas DPS Credit Union automatically withdraw your payment each month so there will be at least one less item for you to remember. More >>

Automatic Funds Transfer to Savings

Disciplined savings efforts pay off. Have Texas DPS Credit Union automatically transfer a designated amount of money into your savings account each month and watch it grow without having to think about it!

Overdraft Privilege Program

The Overdraft Privilege Program takes Overdraft Protection a step further. When you lack money in both your checking and savings to cover a payment of a purchase or bill, the Overdraft Privilege Program will cover that amount at a fraction of the cost you would have had to pay without it.

To Open A Checking Account

Certain information will be required for opening a checking account as determined by specific laws, regulations, and policies. To be eligible for a checking account, you must be a Texas DPS Credit Union member. Establishing membership requires opening a savings (share) account with a minimum of $5.
Contact us regarding what with questions regarding what you may need and what would be the best method for opening a checking account that might best fit your situation.


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Your Deposits are Well Insured at Texas DPS Credit Union!

Deposit accounts are federally insured and include excess share insurance.
See just how well your money is insured with us!



Quarterly Dividends
The checking account earns dividends quarterly at a rate of is .10% APY* on accounts with balances of $5000 or more.


*All rates and information are subject to change. Dividends are based on Texas DPS Credit Union’s earnings at the end of a
dividend period. No interest is earned on the checking accounts if the $5000 minimum balance is not maintained.
APY is Annual Percentage Yield.

Your Money is Well Insured
Your accounts at Texas DPS Credit are protected with a high standard. With coverage from National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and Excess Share Insurance, your money is covered up to $500,000.
Youth Accounts
Start your child's financial growth with a Texas DPS Credit Union Youth Account. It can be used to help them establish basic money management skills and there are great rewards with the account!
Convenience Driven
Manage your account and pay bills securely from the comfort of your own home with Online Banking and Online Bill Pay. Safe, secure, and makes banking so much more convenient!
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