Texas DPS Credit Union’s Visa® Debit Cards provide a safe,
fast and convenient way to pay!


  • Easy to store and carry with you anywhere
  • A quick and easy way to access your money rather than
    making a trip to the ATM or writing a check
  • Safer than carrying cash
  • No need to use your PIN
  • Deducted directly from your checking account so there is
    no interest to pay
  • Can be used at an ATM


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Information and Tips


  1. Daily Limits:
    Point-of-Sale Transactions - $1000.00 online limit and $500.00 offline limit
    ATM Transactions - $500.00 online limit and $300.00 offline limit
  2. If travelling out of the country:
    Please notify the credit union. For security reasons, debit transactions are blocked in certain foreign countries. By notifying the credit union, we can open your card for use.
  3. Select “Credit” not “Debit” whenever possible.
    This helps the credit union keep expenses lower, which benefits you in that we can provide better rates, more products & services, and keep our fees low and few.
    Learn how using your debit card as "credit" benefits you and the credit union.
  4. Always update the credit union on any address changes and phone number changes.
    Your card may not work if the addresses are different. Address Change Form
  5. Hotels, restaurants and gas stations may “hold” more funds than the amount of the bill.
    However, the transactions will pay for the correct amount.
  6. This is not a credit card.
    Each transaction will debit your checking account. The funds must be available for the transaction to be accepted. There is a NSF fee or Courtesy Pay fee that will be accessed if the funds are not available in the account. If the transaction requires overdraft protection, a fee will be charged for each transfer.
  7. Privileges for using the card may be revoked for mishandling the account and/or debit card.
    If you have questions about this please contact the credit union.
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